DragCon Panel: “Clubland Fashion Through the Decades” with MILK, the Boulet Brothers, and ME


It's a rollicking romp through decades of drag queens, clubkids, and nightlife legends with your panel hosts the oh-so-Seussian Boulet Brothers, RuPaul's Drag Race season six legend-in-the-making MILK and myself. Topics include: The Warhol Factory queens, Divine, '80s club ... See the Rest

I Dare You to Relive the Horror of “Kathie Lee’s Rockin’ Tots Cafe”

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.33.23 PM

In the deepest pit of the 9th circle of Hell there is a theater that plays Kathy Lee's Rockin' Tots Cafe on a loop for the worst of the worst child molesters, ISIS beheaders, and people who come up to you at parties and say "I bet you don't remember my name." You probably never ... See the Rest

Gorgeous Photos of ’90s Drag Culture by Michael James O’Brien

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Dazzling images from "Girlfriend," an exhibition at Liverpool’s international photography festival, featuring NYC drag queens from the 1990s (most of whom are still around in various incarnations), photographed by Michael James O’Brien. From It's Nice That: Stunning in ... See the Rest

#Flashback91: This 24 Year-Old Sizzler Commercial Is As American As Ronald Reagan’s D*ck!


This video resurfaced on Reddit yesterday and I kept seeing it pop up all day. I tried to avoid it but it was totally UNAVOIDABLE. First of all, were commercials EVER 4 minutes long? This is more like a brainwash/training video that indoctrinates us into Sizzler, the cult. But ... See the Rest

Has It Really Been 20 Years Since Mary Kay Letourneau Fell In Love With Her 6th Grade Student?

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Mary Kay Letourneau caused an uproar when she became pregnant with the child of her then-13-year-old student, Vili Fualaau. That was almost 20 years ago, if you can believe it. Since then, she has been to prison twice, and gave birth to two of Vili’s daughters, one of which was ... See the Rest

To Do in LA: Check Out Linda Simpon’s “Drag Explosion” TONIGHT

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“I’m not a photographer," drag legend Linda Simpson recently told Frontiers magazine, "but by sheer luck I managed to get some really great photos. I was one of the few people taking photos for fun [20 years ago], so I was able to document things that weren’t very well ... See the Rest

Young Ryan Gosling Dancing in MC Hammer Pants Is the Best Thing You Will See All Day

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It's your daily awwwww. A Canadian woman named Samantha Swire – who says she used to dance with a young Ryan Gosling pre-Mickey Mouse Club – posted a series of videos of the young heartthrob singing and dancing as a young boy back in 1992. From The Daily What: The clips ... See the Rest

If Friends Took Place in 2015

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The folks at the Nerdist have reimagined the vaunted sitcom Friends taking place today, which means instead of Monica and Chandler and the rest of the gang, it would feature a bunch of silly hipsters with their cellular phones and Tinder apps and struggle-beards and whatnot. And ... See the Rest