Lost In Music: UK Photo Exhibit Documents 40 Years of Dance Music and Club Culture

Fab images from the "Lost in Music" exhibit at theprintspace in Shoreditch, documenting the wide-eyed and sweaty history of dance music and club culture from its beginning to present day. The show features over 500 images, ... See the Rest

Flashback 1980: William S Burroughs, Andy Warhol, and Nico at the Chelsea Hotel

I just watched the new Word of Wonder doc Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (which premieres at Sundance this week)(and is amazing, btw), and it sent me ... See the Rest

’80s Flashback: Goths Dance Goth-ily at a Goth Club

Dangerous Minds takes us back to the days ... See the Rest

#FlashbackFriday: The Plasmatics’s 1981 “Solid Gold” Performance

Oh, Solid Gold. MY GOD! Does anyone remember the BLISS that this ‘80s syndicated pop music variety show brought? Dreamboat Andy Gibb (the cocaine-addicted baby brother of BeeGees Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) hosted with 5th ... See the Rest

Vintage Pics of Cutie-Patootie Punk Rockers from a 1981 Face Article

Flashback December, 1981: Five years after the release of the seminal punk album Anarchy in the UK, The Face magazine sent a ... See the Rest

Kickstarter OTD: “Scream, Queen” a Documentary About Nightmare On Elmstreet 2 aka THE GAYEST MOVIE EVER FILMED

If you've ever seen Nightmare On Elmstreet ... See the Rest

“We Can Be Heroes” – Photos from London’s New Romantic Scene, 1979-81

Fabulous new coffee table book featuring photos of London clublife during the post-punk New Romantic scene that spawned such legends as Boy George, Steve Strange, and Spandau BalletSee the Rest

The Heart-Stopping Glamour of Donald & Ivana Trump in the 1980s

Sure, he was a "short-fingered vulgarian" with weird hair even back then, but there was something compelling about Donald Trump in the 1980s, when he burst onto the New York social ... See the Rest