Music Video OTD: He-Man’s Homosexual Lust and Betrayal in “Mercyful Fate”

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He-Man has illicite bathroom sex with Skeletor in the mensroom of Eternia's chicest discotheque. Man-at-Arms is the cuckold who enacts his revenge by shooting his beloved He-Man in the head. This all happens to a rousing cover of Mercyful Fate's throbbing '80s metal classic "Gypsy." It's Rock Opera at it's absolute gayest (Cock Opera?) and it must ... See the Rest

RIP ’80s Brit-Pop GOD Steve Strange

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Steve Strange, the BEYOND ICONIC former lead singer of '80s New Romantic band Visage, died of a heart attack in Egypt yesterday. He was 55.  Strange co-founded the legendary Blitz Club in London, a venue that pioneered the New Romantic movement and gave bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club their first big break. His own ... Watch Now

So Whatever Happened to the “Addicted to Love” Girls?

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It was arguably THE DEFINING VIDEO of the '80s. You remember: Robert Palmer singing "Addicted to Love" in front of a band of chic-as-shit glamazons. Whether you loved it or hate it, you couldn't take your eyes off those instantly iconic video vixens. So, where are the Robert Palmer girls today? Yahoo! caught up with four of the five Palmer girls ... See the Rest

Doin’ Time in Times Square: Reliving the Squalor, 1981-1983

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Forty minutes of seedy Times Square footage that movie director Charlie Ahearn shot from his apartment building on 43rd Street from 1981 to 1983 (aka THE REALLY FUN, DANGEROUS YEARS). Drug dealers argue with clients, hookers get in fights with their pimps, people get mugged, crazy people rant – God, I miss that shit. Sure, it's a safer place now, ... See the Rest

Marilyn Speaks: ’80s Star Speaks Out About His Tragic Affair with Gavin Rossdale

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Oh, Marilyn was MY ABSOLUTE IDOL. We've talked about this before. There was a time in the '80s where I wanted to BE HIM. I would follow him and Boy George around Area and Palladium like a puppy dog. They were disdainful of me, of course (the word "naff" was used on more than one occasion) but MERCY MAUDE, I loved me some Marilyn. He was just the ... See the Rest

Taylor Swift Presents the 1989 Aerobics Championship

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Spandex-clad fitness buffs shake it off to THIS. SICK. BEAT. at the 1989 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship hosted by Alan Thick. One of those cosmically-aligned mashups that works on so many levels. Watch it QUICK before Taylor's people take it down for copyright infringement! ... See the Rest

Tune For Today: “Chili Can Be Served with Cheese” – a Wendy’s Training Film from the Early ’80s

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Superfab Wendy's training film from the 1980s using an awkwardly rhyming disco song to demonstrate the proper way to prepare and serve chili, a Frosty, a chocolate chip cookie and milk. Sample lyrics: Chili can be served with cheese/Fill a third cup with the grated kind/Sprinkle on the top and put the bowl on the middle of the tray every ... See the Rest

Teens React to ’80s Fashion


"It looks like a bunch of highlighters threw up!" Says one girl upon seeing a dozen '80s-style scrunchies. Suffice to say, not all of the teens reacting to '80s fashion GOT the majesty and the glory of the period. Once they started trying the clothes on, though, they all pretty intuitively understood that shoulder pads make you feel powerful, and ... Watch Now