#MapplethorpeMondays: Vintage Footage of Mapplethorpe, Candy Darling, Taylor Meade and Others Hanging at Max’s Kansas City

Awesome fly-on-the-wall footage from 1970, featuring TOUT LE Warhol crowd in the back room of the legendary Max's Kansas City (which was across the street from the Union Square Factory). In it, we see a clearly-out-of-her-mind Brigid Polk ... See the Rest

Lost In Music: UK Photo Exhibit Documents 40 Years of Dance Music and Club Culture

Fab images from the "Lost in Music" exhibit at theprintspace in Shoreditch, documenting the wide-eyed and sweaty history of dance music and club culture from its beginning to present day. The show features over 500 images, ... See the Rest

#Herstory: The Pink Angels, a Transvestite Biker Movie from 1972

"Plenty of heads turn when a group of transvestite bikers wheel their way to Los Angeles," says the IMDB description. HUH? How could I never have heard of such ... See the Rest

Flashback 1977: Jerry Hall and C3PO Model Furs for Vogue Magazine

The reviews for The Force Awakens are trickling in and so far everyone agrees IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER! IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA! Move over Citizen Kane! Step aside Gone with the Wind! Fuck off ET!  It's: A "See the Rest

#FlashbackFriday: The Plasmatics’s 1981 “Solid Gold” Performance

Oh, Solid Gold. MY GOD! Does anyone remember the BLISS that this ‘80s syndicated pop music variety show brought? Dreamboat Andy Gibb (the cocaine-addicted baby brother of BeeGees Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) hosted with 5th ... See the Rest

Casting News: Emma Stone Set to Play… Billie Jean King?

Now THAT'S some interesting casting. Variety is reporting that delicate hothouse flower Emma Stone closed a deal to play brawny tennis champ Billie Jean ... See the Rest

Flashback 1977: Watch Ethel Merman’s Failed Sitcom Pilot “You’re Going to Love It Here”

Who even knew this existed? In this failed sitcom pilot for CBS, larger-than-life Broadway legend Ethel Merman plays a musical comedy star (natch) who dumps her orphaned grandson on his bachelor uncle (played by Austin Pendleton). Ethel was very ... See the Rest

Did Yoko Ono Have an Affair with Hillary Clinton?

According to something suspiciously called the World News Daily Report, ... See the Rest