Sextape Mixtape: Awesome ’70s Porn Music Remixes

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For your aural (and oral) pleasure: Mix tapes from French DJ Drixxxe, who gorgeously mixes songs from ‘70s softcore porn films. From Dangerous Minds: A lot of these don’t have tracklists, but some of songs come from films like Sessomatto, Black Lolita, Aunt Peg, Madame Claude, Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude, Vampyros Lesbos, Sex ... See the Rest

Ornery Hippie Goddess Joni Mitchell Covers New York Magazine’s Fashion Issue

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Joni Mitchell is on the cover of New York Magazine’s spring fashion issue, looking like the Ghost of Hippies Past. She comes off as slightly crotchety in the interview, but (as Yahoo points out) the kind of crotchety that you love and forgive when the person is amazing and has earned the right to act however they damn please. Says Mitchell: ... See the Rest

’70s Rock Stars Pose with Parents at their Childhood Homes


LIFE Magazine photographer John Olson photographed the most famous rock stars of the '70s in the childhood homes with their mums and dads. Mr Olson traveled around the world -- from Scotland and the suburbs of London, to the hard streets of Brooklyn, New York, and the San Francisco Bay area. The photos of reveal humble, less glamorous ... See the Rest

Disco Flashback: Ginger Rogers Boogies Down in Bizarre Rendition of “Love Will Keep Us Together”

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What the what? Batshit insane choreography by the king of schmaltzy '70s variety show choreography Ronnie Lewis, bizarre performances by the dancers, and Ginger Rogers evidently gunning for a career comeback. Be sure to watch the mustachioed dancer who is giving just a little bit more than the other three. And... Is that Nigel Lithgow? This is why ... Watch Now

Watch the Short Horror Classic “Crack Master” (from SESAME STREET!)

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If you grew up in the '70s, you probably are still suffering PTSD from the "Crack Master" – an animated short that was featured on Sesame Street about a young woman who played with the various shapes and creatures formed by the cracks on her walls. These "crack creatures" – and the terrifying "Crack Master" (often misremembered as the "Crack ... Watch Now

Tune for Today: The Theme from Angie

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Best theme song EVER? Yes. Yes. Nothing else even comes CLOSE. "Let the time flow, let the love grow, let the rain shower, let the rose flower..."  GodDAMN, that's good stuff. Maureen McGovern's "Different Worlds" reached number 18 on the Pop charts and number one on the Adult Contemporary charts in 1979 and THE WORLD WAS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. The ... Watch Now

Too Soon? Urban Outfitters Sells Fake Blood Splattered Sweatshirt from Kent State

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Urban Outfitters is selling faux-vintage "blood-splattered" Kent State sweatshirts, referencing the 1970 shooting that left four dead. (Random fun fact: My grandmother was Dean of Women's Colleges at Kent State at the time!). Kent State, predictably, found the gimmicky item to be in EXTREMELY poor taste. A University spokesperson responded ... See the Rest

Vintage Gay Pulp Covers from the ’50s to the ’80s

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A treasure trove of (often hilarious) gay pulp fiction novels from the '50s to the '80s after the jump. (via SissyDude)     From University of Massachusetts: As a result of a series of court cases, by the mid-1960s the U.S. post office could no longer interdict books that contained homosexuality. Gay writers were eager to ... See the Rest