DragCon Panel: “Clubland Fashion Through the Decades” with MILK, the Boulet Brothers, and ME


It's a rollicking romp through decades of drag queens, clubkids, and nightlife legends with your panel hosts the oh-so-Seussian Boulet Brothers, RuPaul's Drag Race season six legend-in-the-making MILK and myself. Topics include: The Warhol Factory queens, Divine, '80s club ... See the Rest

Andy’s Randy Summer: Christie’s Online Auction of Andy Warhol’s LGBT-Themed Works

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Now through Thursday (June 25th), it's a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime online auction at Christie's of over 100 Warhol photographs, prints and drawings "in which the artist focused his unique gaze on the LGBTQ community." You know what that means: lots of Candy Darling, Keith ... See the Rest

Susan Olsen Dishes the Dirt About her Brady Bunch Co-Stars (Spolier Alert: They Were All a Bunch of Kleptos, Sluts, and Druggies)


#RuinedChildhood. Chatting to news.com.au,  53-year-old Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch) spilled the beans about growing pot, making out with her on-screen brother, and how much Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb hate each other. Read the juiciest tidbits after the ... See the Rest

#Stargayzing: David Munk’s Personal Memories of Donna Summer

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Writer, reality star, and wowlebrity David Munk penned this heartfelt tribute to disco icon Donna Summer on his website Stargayzing. Check it out below: May 17 marks three years since Donna Summer died unexpectedly, having kept her illness a secret to even those she ... See the Rest

A Gay Man’s Guide to the Best Songs to Listen to While Dusting: 1970s Edition

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Another comprehensive (and absolutely hysterical) list of songs to help make dusting time fun time, from one of our favorite wowlebrities David Munk (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys) via his blog Stargayzing. This time, the theme is 1970s Feminism.  ... See the Rest

#RIP Partridge Family Star Suzanne Crough


Former child star Suzanne Crough, who played the tambourine-shaking Tracy Partridge throughout the show's run from 1970 to 1974, has died. She was 52 (which just sounds IMPOSSIBLE). Nevada's Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said an autopsy was scheduled Wednesday, but that a ... See the Rest

Sextape Mixtape: Awesome ’70s Porn Music Remixes

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For your aural (and oral) pleasure: Mix tapes from French DJ Drixxxe, who gorgeously mixes songs from ‘70s softcore porn films. From Dangerous Minds: A lot of these don’t have tracklists, but some of songs come from films like Sessomatto, Black Lolita, Aunt Peg, Madame ... See the Rest

Ornery Hippie Goddess Joni Mitchell Covers New York Magazine’s Fashion Issue

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Joni Mitchell is on the cover of New York Magazine’s spring fashion issue, looking like the Ghost of Hippies Past. She comes off as slightly crotchety in the interview, but (as Yahoo points out) the kind of crotchety that you love and forgive when the person is amazing and has ... See the Rest