Let’s Gasp at the Impossible Beauty of Uma Thurman’s Mom in her Early ’60’s Modeling Heyday

Uma's mother, the giraffe-necked beauty, Nena von Schlebrügge, was one of THE great models of the late '50s and early '60s, having been discovered at age 14 by famed photographer Norman Parkinson when he was on a tour in Stockholm, Sweden. She was born Birgitte ... See the Rest

10 of the Gayest Ads of All Time

Really homoerotic imagery from a period when gays simply did not exist in pop culture. Yet, as gaybuzzer points out, looking at these ads now, they almost look like gay porn covers, don't they? Were ... See the Rest

WOWBestOf2015: Carol, Carol, OMG, Carol and Her Brilliant Red Scarf

Have you seen it? Did you have FASHION ORGASMS in the theater? Everything about Cate Blanchett as the (sliiiiiightly predatory) older lesbian in Carol was absolutely ON POINT. The wave in her hair! The accessories! The BROOCHES! My GAWD, the BROOCHES! And the ... See the Rest

Peter Pan Was Waaaaay Creepier than You Remember, According to Honest Trailers

Jeez, those early Disney movies don't hold up at ALL, do they? Between the rampant sexism and the institutionalized racism – remember the Siamese cats in Lady & ... See the Rest

Watch Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan in the James Dean Biopic “Life” – Cool or Nah?

Dane DeHaan is up-and-coming young actor James Dean. Robert Pattinson is the Life ... See the Rest

Vintage Gay Pulp Covers from the ’50s to the ’80s

A treasure trove of (often hilarious) gay pulp fiction novels from the '50s to the '80s after the jump. (via SissyDude) See the Rest

Auction Alert! Photos of Fabulous ’50s-Era Transvestites from the Photographic Archives of Robert Swope and Michael Hurst

Wright Auction House presents "Casa Susanna: A Photographic Archive from the Collection of Robert Swope and Michel ... See the Rest

Can’t Unsee of the Day: Cyriak’s “Malfunction”

I feel funny. Has somebody slipped something in my Red Bull-and-prune? I haven't tripped this hard in 20 years. It's the latest from video artist/madman Cyriak, whose disturbing and often surreal "brain spillages" have been ... Watch Now