Depression-Era Chic: Let’s All Start Carrying Hobo Bindles!

How many time did you try tying a bandana to a stick so that you could look like a cartoon homeless person when you were ... See the Rest

RIP Shirley Temple

My mother LOATHED Shirley Temple. Thought she was an smart-mouthed little brat, and consequently we were FORBIDDEN to watch her movies in our house. Sometimes, if we wanted to annoy her, we'd sing "Animals Crackers" in little baby voices and then run away laughing. What I'm ... See the Rest

The Blood of a Poet GIF Shop

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Hot Look of the Day: Jean Batten

With Amelia Earhart and Anne Morrow Lindberg hogging all the early aviatrix glory, you might never have heard of the lovely Jean Gardner Batten ("The Garbo of the Skies"). Regarded universally as one of ... See the Rest

Flashback 1939: Louis Jourdan

Via Kinoimages: "There was high excitement reverberating in ... See the Rest

Transformation Tuesday: Billy B Helps Me to Channel My Inner Marlene Dietrich

Today we have the irrepressible Billy B back on the Transformations set, and the look we're going for is "Marlene Dietrich in her Weimar-era lesbian cabaret entertainer ... Watch Now

The Tyrone Power GIF Shop

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Flashback 1937: Gypsy Rose Lee

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