#BornThisDay: Writer/Composer, Paul Bowles

December 30, 1910- Paul Bowles was one of the last surviving members of a generation of gay artists whose work shaped 20th century literature & music. In the introduction to Bowles's Collected Stories (1979) Gore Vidal ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Composer, Virgil Thomson

November 25, 1896- Virgil Thomson was born in the heart of the USA. He was an influential & important 20th century music critic & a composer. Thomson was one of a group of ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Superstar, Candy Darling

November 24, 1944- Candy Darling: “I am a star because I have always felt so alienated & I project this feeling to others.” She was a film star, a socialite, a model, a ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, Cherry Jones

November 21, 1956- Cherry Jones is the epitome of the successful stage actor, & yet she is probably most famous for a TV series. In 2008, Jones joined the cast of the Fox series, ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Composer/Writer, Ned Rorem

October 23, 1923- Ned Rorem: “Anyone can be gay, it's no accomplishment - but only I can be me.” I am really not much of a fan of symphonic or “serious” music, & although I ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Writer, Gore Vidal

October 3, 1924- Gore Vidal: "A Narcissist is someone better looking than you are" I played him once. Well, not exactly, but I based a character that I once portrayed, a ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Author, Truman Capote

  September 30, 1924- Truman Capote: “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” My mother is a very accomplished, intelligent & serious woman, but she ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Writer, Christopher Isherwood

August 26, 1904- Christopher Isherwood: “Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination.” In the summer of 1971 I was doing summer stock theatre in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Lucky me, at 17 years old, I ... See the Rest