On the Red Carpet: Elyar Fox at the Jack Ryan Premiere in London

Who? Doe-eyed Youtube sensation turned pop star Elyar Fox, of course, at the UK Premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in London. And why am I writing about him? Well, he's blowing up big time, ... See the Rest

Flashback 1977: Goldie Hawn and Shawn Cassidy Duet

From her 1977 TV special, the irrepressible Goldie Hawn sings a mashup of "Tonight You Belong to Me" and "Da Doo Ron Ron" with THE CUTEST BOY TO EVERY WALK THE PLANET EARTH, OMG SQUEEEEEEEAL Shawn Cassady. The footage is blurry (and weirdly in black & white), but umph. They ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber’s New Video, “All Around the World”

I'd like to say that barring some sort of super-salacious gay sex scandal, this is my last Justin Bieber post, that I'm tired of the wee d-bag and his saggy, crotch-clinging antics. I'd like to move ... See the Rest

Ricky Nelson: Unmatchably Dreamy

The book on bedroom eyes and smoldering vocals slammed shut the day he died. (via guerrilla stabs) ... See the Rest

Bieber Brush-Up

Remember Justin Bieber? Here he is, his once-famous hair brushed off his forehead, making a beeline in one direction amid a throng of female fans as he heads toward a visit to a radio station in London, where he's still loved. ... See the Rest