Bad Lip Reading: Edward & Bella

As they blandly discuss mouse wee-wees and fish slapping, you'll have to remind yourself again and again that this is NOT the original dialogue. Although it could be. Be sure to stick around until the discussion of girls' tongues. Hysterical. ... See the Rest

If Only

(t/y Brett) ... See the Rest

First Look: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Heeeere’s Renesmee!

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... See the Rest

Let’s Just Do This and Get It Over With

Here's the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer, in its entirety. SPOILER ALERT: Bella still looks constipated, Jacob still looks like an alpaca, and Edward still has THAT HAIR OMG SQUEEEEAL! ... See the Rest

All you need to know about ‘Breaking Dawn’

The crazy shit that ACTUALLY happens in Stephanie Meyer's fourth installment of the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, is hilariously enacted for you here. That includes Edward and Bella's back-breaking sex, Bella's incredibly quick pregnancy, the Cesarean-by-vampire-teeth, and A ... See the Rest

Last night’s red carpet

Rob in blood red! Kristen in some one-armed madness! Dakota looking cute as a button! Kellan looking like he's trying too hard! And I'm certainly NOT INSINUATING that Taylor and Lance Bass are dating! No siree! That's not why ... See the Rest


Tay-Tay and R-Patz all head-touchy with each other on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly? My homo head just exploded. THIS IS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! ... See the Rest