Must See/Must-Have Adorable and Useful Tea Infusers!

Tea Rex Infuser

I'm not much of a tea drinker (no Tea, no shade) but these super-duper-wooper cute tea infusers make me want to switch my morning coffee for a pot of tea! Click over and check out this tea infusers! ... See the Rest

Do Try This at Home: Power Pouring


... See the Rest

Best Gif of the Day


... See the Rest

Ed Magana’s Friday Vid Bits


... See the Rest

What the fashionable teabaggers are drinking

4:00! Tea time! A German novelty company has created these stylish teabags featuring Unkle Karl, Donatella, Jean Paul, Kate, and Naomi hot-tubbing it in your teacup. You can purchase them here. (via Oh No They Didnt, t/y Angela) ... See the Rest

The reason your tea set is so bloody

Remember that fabulously blood-stained tea set by the artist Antonio Murado? I think we've found the culprit. (left pic, Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest