Taylor Kinney Shirtless! Taking the Polar Bear Plunge!

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Must-see NIPPLE PICS of Chicago Fire star (and Lady Gaga bf) Taylor Kinney emerging from freezing Lake Michigan Sunday!  ... See the Rest

Snapz!: Lady Gaga

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Why, it's a look that goes from day to evening! Lady Gaga spent the afternoon at the Abbey in WeHo with her gays  wearing just her bra and panties (it was a warm day, after all), then threw on a sparkly bodysuit and trotted off to the Chateau Marmont with bf Taylor Kinney and her little dog Fozzi. Get ready to see her EVERYWHERE again. God, that ... See the Rest

Pretty Pricey Pill Pack


The Olson Twins (I think they hate to be called that) recently collaborated with artist Damien Hirst on this pill-encrusted backpack that sells for $55,000. We hear that Lady Gaga bought one for her boyfriend, Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney. Uh, does THIS GUY look like he would a) appreciate such a thing? b) EVER carry it? c) much prefer a new ... See the Rest

Lady Gaga to Marry Werewolf


OK, OK, so he's an EX werewolf on The Vampire Diaries but he is most definitely a current hottie. The word is that Lady Gaga will marry boyfriend Taylor Kinney sometime this summer when his Chicago Fire is on hiatus and her touring calms down a bit. Good catch, girl, lock that shit down. ... See the Rest

The Boys of Prime Time


Bullet Magazine photographed the nine hottest guys on TV. Well, eight of them, at least, and one MAYBE IF I WAS DRUNK. Standing, from left: Stephen Amell (Arrow), Harry Shum Jr (Glee), Justin Hartley (Emily Owens, MD), Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire) and Michael Trevino (Vampire Diaries). Seated, left: Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast), Steven R McQueen ... See the Rest

Chicago Fire Screen Grabs

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Chicago Fire doesn't even premiere until October 10, but Swoonworthy, God bless 'em, already has the screen grabs relevant to my interests. Here we see a shirtless Taylor Kinney aka Mr Gaga adjusting his watch band, with his hands on his hips saying "Well, I NEVER!," looking into the distance, and acknowleging a lesser-billed fellow firefighter. ... See the Rest

A Peek of What Gaga’s Getting

taylor kinney shirtless shameless

Taylor Kinney aka m'Lady's boytoy, formerly of The Vampire Diaries and currently on Shameless, shows us a little of what's like to be Gaga. (via Superhero Fan) ... See the Rest

New Couple Alert!

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It's official! Kind of! OK, it's just speculation and conjecture so far, but it seems that Lady gaga is dating the dead werewolf from The Vampire Diaries! You know: The guy from her "Yoü and I" video! Gags and Taylor Kinney were spotted together Sunday night at The Sneak Joint in Mission Viejo, California, near where he lives, drinking shots of ... See the Rest