Lady Gaga Got Engaged to Taylor Kinney!

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Lady Gaga took to See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

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We run the celebrity gamut today: From Mel Brooks to Lady Gaga and back again. Whoooeee. The THINGS YOU WILL see! GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Check out all your Hollywood favorites in today's Celebrity Roundup, after the jump. ... See the Rest

All Over New York: Celebs Walk (& Bike) These City Streets

BOY RIDE/GIRLS WALK: Daddy Liev Schrieber gives his boys a ride to school while SJP walks with her girls in the West Village

It was a hot fall weekend with the US Open finishing up, NY Fashion Week in full-swing and Joan Rivers star-packed service at Temple Emanu-El, among the many thousands of other things happening. Everyone seems to be out and about, going to #NYFW parties, with the kids, with their ... See the Rest

Taylor Kinney Shirtless! Taking the Polar Bear Plunge!

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Must-see NIPPLE PICS of Chicago Fire star (and Lady Gaga bf) Taylor Kinney emerging from freezing Lake Michigan Sunday!  ... See the Rest

Snapz!: Lady Gaga

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Why, it's a look that goes from day to evening! Lady Gaga spent the afternoon at the Abbey in WeHo with her gays  wearing just her bra and panties (it was a warm day, ... See the Rest

Pretty Pricey Pill Pack


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Lady Gaga to Marry Werewolf


OK, OK, so he's an EX werewolf on The Vampire Diaries but he is most definitely a current hottie. The word is that Lady Gaga will marry boyfriend Taylor ... See the Rest

The Boys of Prime Time


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