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Transformation Tuesday: Sharon Needles’ Incredible Tammy Faye Makeover

It's the beginning of the Transformations Halloween season, so who better to kick things off than the spookiest queen of all, SHARON NEEDLES from ... Watch Now


Ya Gotta Have Faith: Conversations with Pastor Jay Bakker

Part two of my conversation with Jay Bakker about his book Faith, Doubt an Other Lines I've Crossed: Walking with an Unknown God. Today we discuss ... See the Rest


Fenton and Randy Talk to the Daily Beast About Their Favorite WOW Projects

The boys discuss 17 of their favorite movies and TV shows. Here's an excerpt: The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000): To this day, people tell us how ... See the Rest

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Special Birthday Shout-Out to Jay Bakker!

Happy 36th to wowlebrity Jay Bakker, co-pastor of RevolutionNYC. Check out his sermons and podcasts here. We love you, man! (Photo from The World ... See the Rest


12/12/12 12:12

Fab Fact #1: It's 12:12pm 12/12/12. Fab Fact #2: This means that the sale has just 44 hours to go. Fab Fact #3: The end of the world ... See the Rest