Tune for Today: Sweet Brown’s “Cold Poppin”

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Oh, Lord Jesus it's a video! Everyone's favorite barbecue-smellin', Cold Pop-lovin', no shoes-wearin' viral video star Sweet Brown recreates the night of that FAAAAAHR in her new song "Cold Poppin." You've got time for it. ... See the Rest

Drag Queen Jasmine Masters Performs “Aint Nobody Got Time for That” by Sweet Brown

(via Showgirls Weho) ... See the Rest

Sweet Brown’s Commercial Debut

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The "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" sensation shills for Shortline Dental of Oklahoma City. "Why didn't this commercial air on the Super Bowl?" asks See the Rest

Tune for Today: Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”

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Meet Sweet Brown

Ahhhhh Sweet Brown. Love. (t/y Paul M.) ... See the Rest