Susan Sarandon and Padma Lakshmi help fundraise for the Hurricane Sandy relief with ping-pong

Quote Unquote: Susan Sarandon

“As a woman, initially I was interested in (Christine) Quinn. It became clear to me that, you know... you can’t just vote your vagina.” – Susan ... See the Rest


Flashback 1978: Susan Sarandon in Pretty Baby

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New Couple Alert!

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Susan Sarandon and her much younger boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin attend the opening night of the US Open in Queens


Can't quite put my finger on it... but there's something slightly sinister about Susan Sarandon's 33-year-old boyfriend, "Ping-Pong expert" Jonathan ... See the Rest


The Reason GIFs Were Invented

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Oscar Power Couples Throughout the Years

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When in Marrakech

At the 10th Annual Marrakech Film Festival, Susan Sarandon wowed in an embellished turquoise caftan. But lest she be too classy, she wore a safety pin ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote

"[Chris Sarandon] was the first person I ever had sex with and my best friend. I married so young but took it very seriously; I never had that kind of ... See the Rest