Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond celebrate the renaming of their showroom at Flamingo Las Vegas to the 'Donny & Marie Showroom' in Las Vegas

Donny Osmond Is Looking Different

But is it a lift? Or perhaps just fillers? A wig? What sayest thou? Has Donny Osmond been touched by the Gods or the docs? (Photo: Pacific Coast ... See the Rest


Nick Cannon Goes to Doctor for Power Zit

OK, so it wasn't a zit, it was a cyst, but that made for a better headline. I made the mistake a few years back of trying to pop what I thought was a ... See the Rest


Angelina Jolie to Remove Ovaries Next

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Touch This Skin, Honey

Honestly? I just wanted a reason to post this picture. So, Donovan here is 54. He's marred to a woman who is 21 years his junior and loves to party at ... See the Rest

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.52.49 AM

Pop That Booty

Literally, pop that booty. This woman made the crazy decision to have booty implants, which are still far from perfected, and look what she gets to do ... See the Rest


You’ll Need a Face Lift Because of Your Phone

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josh nose

Smell Check

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Tat’s All Folks!

When the Nazi-loving white-supremacist skinhead Byron Widner had a total life conversion after becoming a husband and father, the conversion included ... See the Rest