Kickstarter OTD: VIVA DIVA, a Short Film About a Transgender Native American Seeking Closure with Her Father

In Viva Diva, the short film by Daniel Flores, a young Native American Transgender girl confronts the ghosts of her past as she completes her journey of self healing and closure. Says Daniel of the project: Like Rozene I was given an ultimatum: stop ... See the Rest

#FirstLook: HBO’s Scientology Documentary Is Going To Be A Bombshell (And Not The Good Kind)

World of Wonder's Fenton Bailey attended the world premiere Sundance screening of the new HBO documentary Going ... See the Rest

#PhoningItIn: Trans Prostitute Movie “Tangerine” Filmed Entirely on an iPhone5

Everyone's buzzing about the Sundance smash Tangerine which stars trans actresses Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez ... See the Rest

The James Franco/Zachary Quinto Slow Motion Kiss: Is the New York Times Queerbaiting Us?

At the New York Times Sundance booth in Park City, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman and other Sundance darlings did goofy slo-mo things, so of course James Franco and Zachary Quinto did a slo-mo gay kiss because Zachary is gay and James is gay-adjacent and that's what everybody ... Watch Now

Sundance Report: Gore Vidal & William F. Buckley, Jr Were The Very “Best of Enemies”

The Gore Vidal and William F Buckley Jr feud is the stuff of legend.  And in The Best Of Enemies by directors ... See the Rest

Rodney Ascher’s Bone-Chilling “The Nightmare” Premiers at Sundance

Director Rodney Ascher's new docu-horror The Nightmare illuminates a terrifying experience known as sleep paralysis, which temporarily causes people to hallucinate. ... See the Rest

Sundance Report: “Going Clear” (The Scientology Documentary)

There was a palpable sense of anticipation for the world premiere of Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief– and tickets were like gold dust. The way the ... See the Rest

Sundance Report: “The Visit” (What Would YOU Say To An Alien?)

If Going Clear was the event of the festival, this documentary was the unevent. Because this was a film about an event that has not happened yet – at least as far as we know it. ... See the Rest