#GraffitiWar: A Witty Year-Long Street Art Battle Had London Authorities Seeing Red

A graffiti artist tagged the same London wall over one year in a bizarre and hilarious battle with authorities. He started last summer on July 17th, 2014 and finished nearly a year later. The street ... See the Rest

Artist Hanksy Paints Street Portrait of Donald Dump, I Mean Donald Trump

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#TakeItToTheBanksy: Will “Street Art Throwdown” Make Graffiti Mainstream?

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Street Artist Skid Robot Paints “Homes” for LA’s Homeless

Straddling the line between installation art and graffiti, the anonymous street artist Skid Robot has been going around Los Angeles’ skid row spray painting imaginary homes for  homeless people while they sleep (and leaving care packages for them when they wake up). I've seen ... See the Rest

Hamptons Pop: Kenny Scharf Karbombz The Surf Lodge

I've posted before about my pal See the Rest

Just Another Brick: Whole Banksy Wall Up For Auction

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Deal of the Decade: Would You Buy a Banksy For 60 Bucks?

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Giant Whimsical Street Paintings Seen From Above

Street artist Tec has painted a series of very large, cartoony figures on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, that must be viewed from high above for the full effect. For more of his art, check out his See the Rest