Just Another Brick: Whole Banksy Wall Up For Auction

Banksy, I'm assuming you know about at this point. Google, if not. As an anonymous street artist, his work is generally NFS. So, when this piece was ... See the Rest


Deal of the Decade: Would You Buy a Banksy For 60 Bucks?

As previously reported here, the Brit street artist Banksy is staging a month-long outdoor exhibit in New York City called, Better Out Than In. All ... See the Rest


Giant Whimsical Street Paintings Seen From Above

Street artist Tec has painted a series of very large, cartoony figures on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, that must be viewed from high above for ... See the Rest

Sleeping Beauty under the Bridge

Don’t Come for These Disney Princesses

This killer street art is by Herr Nilsson.     ... See the Rest


Animated Banksy

... See the Rest

Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 10.47.45 AM

Street Art: Yesterday vs Today

Hollywood Boulevard yesterday: Wheatpaste art of Romney vs Big Bird. Today: Pro-Romney vandals deface Big Bird and cover up Romney.   ... See the Rest

Helping homeless


In a bit of Los Angeles street art, a volunteer curled up on the sidewalk today with a clever chalk bedroom drawn around her in an attempt to draw the ... See the Rest

cali killa

Hollywood Wheatpaste

Graffiti on Cahuenga between Selma and Sunset. The graffiti at this particular spot seems to change daily. ... See the Rest