Flashback 1972: Was Joan Crawford Actually a Powerful Witch?

Legendary actress Joan Crawford and host Gary Collins have a completely spontaneous conversation about E.S.P. after her appearence on the TV show The Sixth Sense. Things turn downright creepy when we discover Joan is actually a soothsayer who ... See the Rest

Two Reasons to Watch Leno Tonight

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Stevie Guide: What’s on Television? More Bad for Your Buck

Breaking Bad's much-discussed-around-the-water-cooler episode, "Ozymandias" last Sunday was the show's highest-rated episode ever, with 6.4 million viewers. Now we learn that the excitedly anticipated final two episodes will each run 75 minutes, with commercials, according to ... See the Rest

Following Kevin Bacon

Like a scene out of Footloose, Kevin Bacon jumps on a car in New York City while shooting footage for the second season of the deeply disturbing drama series The Following. Which is interesting, because it looked very much like he was stabbed to death in last season's final ... See the Rest

Homemade Batman TV Series

The 1966 Batman television series intro has been given a homemade remake in this new Cinefix episode of See the Rest

The Breaking Bad Gang Before They Made a Meth of Things

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Hollywood Secrets Revealed: How It Was Done #37

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Following The Following‘s Nico Tortorella

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