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Heartstopping Tweet of the day: Steven R McQueen IS NIGHTWING?

Last week we heard that three actors, including Girls star Adam Driver, were in the running for the Nightwing role in the upcoming Batman vs Superman ... See the Rest


What You Missed on The Vampire Diaries Last Night

I can't... I just.... CAN'T. How do I even type the words? How do I even BEGIN to express my sorrow? Is it a SPOILER ALERT to say that Jeremy's gone? ... See the Rest


What You Missed on Vampire Diaries Last Night

Omg, after Jeremy killed Kol he was all like RAR! and ripped off his shirt so everybody could see the tattoo appearing on his chest. And even though ... See the Rest

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What I Missed on Last Week’s Vampire Diaries

  I missed Vampire Diaries last week, so I missed this glorious scene with Steven R McQueen in a muscle tee. Elena's little brother has ... See the Rest


The Boys of Prime Time

Bullet Magazine photographed the nine hottest guys on TV. Well, eight of them, at least, and one MAYBE IF I WAS DRUNK. Standing, from left: Stephen ... See the Rest


TwitPic of the Day

Supernatural hunks Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf) and Steven R McQueen (Vampire Diaries) hang out at Colton's b-day party. Tweets Colton: "Hangin wit my ... See the Rest


The Gif Shop

The Vampire Diaries Steven R McQueen as a kitty cat. ... See the Rest

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Steven R McQueen for Bello Magazine

Can I just make this a Steven R McQueen blog? Please? ... See the Rest