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Brooke Candy’s Naked Kiss

See the clip which sheds some light on the gratuitously violent intro to Brooke Candy's  stunning Opulence video.    The opening scene of "The Naked ... See the Rest


Breathtaking! Mesmerizing! Magnificent! You NEED to Watch Brooke Candy’s “Opulence”

Batshit brilliant video for freak-of-the-week Brooke Candy by Steven Klein and Nicola Formichetti, featuring  New York club legends Ryan Burke and ... See the Rest

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Madonna’s #SecretProjectRevolution

    Madonna performed last night in New York City for an exclusive crowd that included Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, and her ex Sean ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Men in Underwear: A Short Film by Steven Klein - World of Wonder

Men in Underwear: A Short Film by Steven Klein

A promotional short for the DSQUARED2 line of briefs, directed by Steven Klein and starring top male models Matt Woodhouse, Ryan Bertroche, and Travis ... See the Rest

Trailer Perk: Madonna’s Eye-Without-a-Face Tease for Her Secret Project with Steven Klein

It better not be blackface, Maddie. Just sayin'. ... See the Rest

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Pitt Plays Dress-Up for Interview

There's Rasta Brad, Effeminate Southern Gentleman Brad, and um, Gangster kd Lang Brad? Photos by Steven Klein, and read his interview with Guy Ritchie ... See the Rest


Evangelista + Klein = Genius

Linda Evangelista is my hands down favorite supermodel of all time. Of course, I have other ones I adore, but this bitch, at 47 mind you, still ... See the Rest


It’s a Look

How did I miss this? Gaga posted these pics of herself in unicorn drag to her Little Monsters website a couple of days ago. The photos were taken by ... See the Rest