Look At These Killer Heels!: The Art of The High-Heeled Shoe

Steven Klein. Still from Untitled, 791, 2014. Video, color, sound; 7 min. 48 sec.

They are a fashion statement, a fetish object, an instrument of power (sometimes a torture device) and an outlet of artistic expression for both the designer and the wearer for the last 500+ years. The new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe”, explores fashion’s most pointed accessory; from the ... See the Rest

Picture That: Is Brad Pitt Really Playing Bob Marley In A New Bio Pic?


In a word? No. Brad Pitt is NOT playing Bob Marley in a film. This photo has been circulating and I keep seeing it posted all over. He did this photo shoot with Steven Klein for Interview while promoting his film Killing Them Softly, WAY back in 2012 – so how is the internet expected to remember? According to the magazine at the time, this kind of ... See the Rest

Picture This: Photographer Steven Klein’s Sexy Bridgehampton Compound


The new Architectural Digest has one enviable house after the next and photographer Steven Klein's Hampton digs are no exception. Here's an excerpt from David Colman's story; What initially attracted Klein to the residence when he bought it 11 years ago was the utility of the place. Previously owned by a pair of artists who’d lived and worked ... See the Rest

Brooke Candy’s Naked Kiss

Video thumbnail for youtube video The naked Kiss - World of Wonder

See the clip which sheds some light on the gratuitously violent intro to Brooke Candy's  stunning Opulence video.    The opening scene of "The Naked Kiss"  (1964)  written and directed by Sam Fuller,  shows Constance Towers (Kelly) kicking  some major ass.  Do you think  Brooke did it ... See the Rest

Breathtaking! Mesmerizing! Magnificent! You NEED to Watch Brooke Candy’s “Opulence”


Batshit brilliant video for freak-of-the-week Brooke Candy by Steven Klein and Nicola Formichetti, featuring  New York club legends Ryan Burke and Jarrett Edwards (among others). Stop what you're doing and WATCH NOW! The makeup will knock you out. The wigs are beyond the beyond. Each and every look is so next level fabulous, it makes Gaga look like ... See the Rest

Madonna’s #SecretProjectRevolution

Video thumbnail for youtube video Madonna's #SecretProjectRevolution - World of Wonder

    Madonna performed last night in New York City for an exclusive crowd that included Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, and her ex Sean Penn as she launched her new Art for Freedom initiative, which encourages members of the public to submit 'video, music, poetry, and photography to a new website. The event at the Gagosian Gallery in ... See the Rest

Men in Underwear: A Short Film by Steven Klein

Video thumbnail for youtube video Men in Underwear: A Short Film by Steven Klein - World of Wonder

A promotional short for the DSQUARED2 line of briefs, directed by Steven Klein and starring top male models Matt Woodhouse, Ryan Bertroche, and Travis Hanson. For some reason, the spot has an unusually discordant, stressful tone for a product meant to provide comfort and security. These boys seem tortured. ... See the Rest

Trailer Perk: Madonna’s Eye-Without-a-Face Tease for Her Secret Project with Steven Klein

It better not be blackface, Maddie. Just sayin'. ... See the Rest