Hunks Du Jour

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Birdwatching with Stephen Amell

The Arrow star joined Instagram January 3, posting this pic and saying “Want to win Instagram 2014 despite the fact that there is no evidence such a contest exists.” Now, if you look ... See the Rest

The Daniel Sharman Gif Shop

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The Week in Shirtlessness

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The Arrow Season 2 Posters

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Stephen Amell Is Getting Ripped

Arrow's Stephen Amell saw a picture of his body on vacation and posted this picture on his Facebook page along with the comment, "June 13th & July 15th. No filter. It was important to ... See the Rest

Male Call Flashback 2011: Stephen Amell on Hung

Adorable Arrow star Stephen Amell talks about getting completely naked on set his first day playing a prostitute on season 3 of HBO's Hung. If you haven't already, you'll fall in love. ... See the Rest

Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Has an Important Message on Vine

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