Statues Taking Selfies Because of Course

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While sightseeing at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, a Reddit user snapped pics of the Greco-Roman statues posing like a bunch of WeHo twinks taking selfies the Abbey. It's since become a mini-phenomenon on the site and elsewhere. Check out the pics after the jump. ... See the Rest

Help Topple King Joffrey!

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Ahead of Sunday night's highly anticipated fourth season of Game of Thrones (omgomgomg), audiences across the world are asked to help bring down a 15-foot-tall statue of the mad King Joffrey that has been errected in Auckland, New Zealand – by using Twitter. Fans are asked to use the  hashtag #bringdowntheking in their Game of Thrones tweets. A ... See the Rest

Art Break: “Lucifer (Morning Star)” by Paul Fryer


Installation in the Holy Church in Marylebone, 2008. Anodised aluminium, silicon rubber cord, wax work figure, feathers/aluminium, concrete. (via JoeHillsThrills) ... See the Rest

Snap!: Mario Lopez

A MAN OF CHOCOLATE! Mario Lopez helps unveil a Dove mint and dark chocolate sculpture of himself at The Grove in Los Angeles

Mario Lopez unveils a Dove mint and dark chocolate sculpture of himself at The Grove in Los Angeles. Yeah. I'd totally hit it. Where can I get one? (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest



She'll never find her contact lens in all that gravel. (Photo via Disturbing Images) ... See the Rest