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Watch Now: Star Wars Gets “Happy” On Tatooine

In a galaxy far, far away a Star Wars fan club in Tunisia just got really "Happy". You'll see, they aren't the best dancers but the costumes are good ... See the Rest


Recycled Movies: Cardboard Box Office

So many great new movies to see out now. This movie fan couple had accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes (plus a new baby) after moving from New ... See the Rest

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InstaGlam: Darth Vader

For its first Instagram post on Monday afternoon, the Star Wars franchise posted a pic of Darth Vader taking a selfie on his iPhone with Stormtroopers ... See the Rest

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New Video Series: #JohnPollySays presents the Top 5 “Blurred Lines” Covers. Ever!

Happy Saturday! Here’s a video for you! In fact, here’s a NEW WEB SERIES for you… I spent all of this past January-April recapping RuPaul’s Drag Race, ... See the Rest

Zac Efron films scenes for 'Are We Officially Dating?' with co-star Imogen Poots in New York City

Casting Rumor: Zac Efron in the Upcoming Star Wars Movie?

WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK! First, we heard yesterday that Tyler Hoechlin was up for the role of Batman in the new Batman/Superman movie, now comes word ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback 1983: Insane <i>Star Wars</i> Arcade Video Game Commercial - World of Wonder

Flashback 1983: Insane Star Wars Arcade Video Game Commercial

... See the Rest

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Ed Magana’s Friday Vid Bits

... See the Rest

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Happy Times: Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

(via io9) ... See the Rest