New Campbell’s Soup ‘Star Wars’ Advertisement features Gay Dads With Their Son

Gay Dads

Campbell's Soup just released a new advertisement for their Star Wars soups that features gay dad's feeding their young son, Cooper. It's a great time to be alive. :) ... See the Rest

#StarWars: “There’s Been An Awakening. Have You Felt It…?”

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.17.42 PM

Star Wars: The Force Awakens released this teaser trailer on Instagram. Just the beginning of the barrage. Yes, I've felt it. Watch. ... See the Rest

#ComedyIssue: Amy Schumer Covers GQ with a “Star Wars” Theme


For their annual Comedy Issue, the men's mag gave Amy Schumer —the current funniest woman in the galaxy— her first ... See the Rest

#ViralVideo: “A Jedi Takes His New GoPro Out For a Spin”


This is a fan-made Star Wars video, which is hard to believe once you've seen it. An unseen Jedi uses his lightsaber to deflect shots from storm troopers, faces off against a TIE Fighter and confronts an AT-AT. ... See the Rest

#RIP: Veteran Bad-Guy, Christopher Lee


Sir Christopher Lee, known as the master of horror, has died after being ... See the Rest

Must-Have OTD: I Am Chewie Hoodie

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Wookiewear chic: Check out this gorgeous Chewbacca hoodie from WeLoveFine. Perfect for those cold ... See the Rest

#NatureMorte: Insect Darth Vader Is Creepy-Crawly!


Artist Klaus Enrique loves using nature morte as a medium for his artwork and most recent work is the product of over 150 insects creating one of the scariest faces in the universe. ... See the Rest

Matthew Mcconaughey’s Reaction to the Star Wars Teaser Is the Reason the Internet Was Invented

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Even after being burned by Jar-Jar Binks and three less-than-spectacular prequels, there's still something about Star Wars that can ... See the Rest