Quote Unquote: George Takei

"I was active in the civil rights movement as a young guy. I was silent in my adulthood on the LGBT issue because I wanted to work as an actor. It ... See the Rest


Celebrity Tweet OTD: William Shatner

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Star Twins: Lend Me an Ear

Makeup man Barney Burman and actor Zachary Quinto testing Spock ears for the first time in 2009. And Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek, the TV ... See the Rest


(The Real) Captain Kirk’s Guide to Fighting

From top left: the Kirk Kick, the Kirk Drop Kick, the Bowling Ball, the Human Projectile, the Kirk Chop, the Wall of Destruction, the Scissor Choke, ... See the Rest

First Look: Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

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Star Trek Into Darkness Extra Footage Trailer

The difference between this extra footage Japanese trailer and the American trailer would be the shot that is much like the end of Wrath of Kahn, with ... See the Rest


Geordi La Forge Original Wardrobe

Fashion It So goes back through every TNG episode and reviews the wardrobe, including all of Counselor Troy's jumpsuits, Wesly Crusher's sweaters, ... See the Rest

Nichelle Nichols at Day 1 of the Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2012 in Las Vegas

Star Trip

Nichelle Nichols, who sang with the Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton bands before she turned to acting and portrayed the iconic Lieutenant Nyota ... See the Rest