Can the Girl with the Ponytail Please Take Two Steps to the Right?


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A Magical Holiday Star Sighting!


JAMES ST JAMES: So I heard you had a VERY EXCITING star sighting the other day! STEVEN CORFE: I did! Patrick Schwarzenegger, with Maria Shriver in tow! Omg, That IS fabulous! Where were you? Barneys in Beverly Hills. Of course you were. I'm thinking that's probably a REALLY GOOD place to spot celebrities this time of year.  Well ... See the Rest

Star Sighting


I bumped into Colton Haynes in the dairy section of Ralph's yesterday and he was BEYOND beautiful, omg. His hair was freshly shaved, he had a slight tan, and he was wearing a gray muscle tee. He seemed completely befuddled by the selection of cottage cheeses and looked at me like "please help" – then noticed I was eye-humping him and quickly looked ... See the Rest

Star Sightings

Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 10.10.04 AM

I had two LIFE ALTERING star sightings Saturday afternoon at the Arclight in Hollywood. First, I was walking down the stairs from the parking lot into the courtyard and I LITERALLY BUMPED INTO James Franco. JAMES. FRANCO. Which is QUITE a day brightener, I can tell you THAT! He smiled that crinkly little smile, I blushed and giggled, and my sister ... See the Rest