Milkshake Squirrel Is the New Pizza Rat

It appears that the creatures of New York are suddenly running off with human food. First, a rat dragged a piece of pizza down into the subway and ... See the Rest

Germans Trying to Pronounce the Word “Squirrel”

During World War II, if you wanted to know if someone was a Nazi spy, you'd simply ask them what bushy-tailed animal buries its nuts in the yard. If they could pronounce the word "squirrel," they were good to go. If they contorted their faces and said "sqewkjhguihgcfghkd," you ... Watch Now

Screen Grab OTD

(via memewhore) ... See the Rest

Scary Squirrel

I love this. A squirrel found a discarded Halloween decoration, stuck it on its head, and proceeded to terrorize a neighborhood in England. Can you imagine this running towards you? ... See the Rest

A Soldier and his Nut-Munching Buddy

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Regretsy Recommends

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Jedi Squirrels

Walking your dog will never be safe again. (t/y Chris) ... See the Rest

Live Squirrel Cam

Not much going on at the moment, granted, but judging by the screen captures the cute rodent action at the Bad Manors Squirrel Diner can be just plain nuts! Live daily.  ... See the Rest