Mallakhamb: Next Level Pole Dancing

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Mallakhamb is traditional Indian sport in which gymnasts (with testicles of steel) pose and perform feats of strength while hanging from a vertical wooden pole or rope. It's some really jawdropping stuff. According to Slate: "With roots in Hindu monkey god mythology, bellicose ancient fighting traditions, and skirmishes with British colonialism, ... Watch Now

Lord of the Ring: Meet Taipei Street Performer Isaac Hou

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Isaac Hou spins around on one of those Cyr wheels you've never heard of before, and hope to God you never have to have to actually try out. It's like a giant hula hoop that you stand inside of and roll around and around and somehow never roll over your knuckles or toes. If you're lucky. Which apparently he is. Me? I'm nauseous just thinking about ... See the Rest

How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam

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Obviously, having an out-proud NFL player is VERY TROUBLING, and your kids are going to have lots of questions. Here's how to deal with the problem of Michael Sam. ... Watch Now

The Thrill of Victory


Gasping. Melting. Swooning. After Arsenal's 4-1 win over Norwich City – thanks to Jack Wilshere's "goal of geometric grace, lacerating speed, and compelling  innovation" (The Independant) (love that purple sports prose, btw) – things got a little bromantic when Olivier Giroud SLID IN on his knees (!!) to embrace his teammate. That move is smooth as ... See the Rest

The Rumor Mill: Is Andy Cohen Dating Sean Avery?


Is former New York Rangers forward Sean Avery involved with Bravo's Andy Cohen? The rumors started on Tuesday after gossip blog The Fame Driven posted pics of Avery and Cohen in The Hamptons. According to the website’s source, they've have been engaged for more than a year. Here's their words; "I’m not sure if you are aware or not, but Andy Cohen ... See the Rest

Morning Male Call: The Shot Put


Eyes up here. ... See the Rest

No Interest in Sports? How ‘Bout Now?

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... See the Rest

Soccer Star Robbie Rogers Covers Out‘s August Sports Issue

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And inside, Bret Easton Ellis writes about gay magical elves. ... See the Rest