Speidi Gots Guns

Complete and utter douchebaggery supporting the fact that we need better gun control in this country. The poor British television watching public had their retinas assaulted by this drivel on Monday night and for that, I apologize. Boys and girls, I give you Speidi. (via Celebitchy) ... See the Rest

Natural Born Idiots


If you need one more reason to hate Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, this could be it. Claiming they feel unsafe from crazed fans and stalkers, they recently showed off their extensive home arsenal of guns and ammo on the UK's Channel 5 documentary, Speidi: Scandal, Secrets and Surgery. They're kidding about having fans and stalkers, right? (Photos: ... See the Rest

Remnants of Speidi


Thankfully they have been absent from our TV, but Heidi and Spencer Pratt aka Speidi were on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother last month and put the Brits off in the same way they put us off here. In the end, Spencer tried to cry on camera and say that he was hired to be the villain but he's really a great guy who's just good at "being an asshole." ... See the Rest

Speidi Is in the Celebrity Big Brother House


Making us Americans look bad, we have Spencer Pratt (vom) and Heidi Montag aka Speidi in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother house making complete arses out of themselves and NOT in the good way. First off, they are already up for eviction and secondly, Spencer "lost" his phone and whoever found it is tweeting personal pics and looking for cash on ... See the Rest

Happy Times


Ahhh, nothing like a little 2009 nostalgia. ... See the Rest

What Does This Even Mean?

Video thumbnail for youtube video What Does This Even Mean? - World of Wonder

... See the Rest

spencer pratt wants you to know he has a big… camera lens

I'll take "THINGS THAT ARE PHALLIC" for a hundred, Alex. Of course it's no accident that he's holding his camera like that. It's Spencer Pratt. He's got a sex tape coming out. It's all about the subliminal messages, dude. And it's working. It's getting all kinds of horny in here, do you feel it? He is HOT. (via The Superficial) ... See the Rest

Spencer Pratt: Beard and Board

The decidedly ungroomed, Heidi-less Spencer, after losing one beard and growing another, was photographed yesterday buying a surfboard in Malibu. Is he trying to repeat Joaquin's successful media curiosity of last year, or is he seriously attempting to go into hidey? (Photos via The JJB) ... See the Rest