In Sorrow and a Bright Green Frock

The funeral of Private Kevin Elliott, who was killed during a battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan, was held in Dundee, Scotland. His best friend, ... See the Rest


Sleeping Soldiers

Why they call them fatigues. ... See the Rest


Still Standing Guard

Here’s a photo of a soldier of the 3rd U.S. Infantry standing guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, like they have since 1948, as Hurricane Sandy ... See the Rest


A Soldier and his Nut-Munching Buddy

From BuzzFeed: "Belarussian soldiers found this baby squirrel close to death and brought it to their warrant officer, Pyotr Pankratau. He nursed the ... See the Rest


Trending: Soldiers Showing Their Support for Harry

From all corners of the globe, soldiers everywhere are tweeting naked photos of themselves saluting their comrade-in-arms, the recently disgrace ... See the Rest


Snap!: As You Were

... See the Rest


Everyday They’re Soldiering

A couple of our boys in Afghanistan fall out and dance to LMFAO. ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Dogs of War - World of Wonder

The Dogs of War

A collection of videos catching spectacularly overjoyed dogs welcoming their masters home from war. Earsplitting and heartwarming. And earsplitting. ... See the Rest