#ViralVideo: Internet Senstation, Courtney Barnes, Arrested For Shoplifting!

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Being well-known, does have its downside. A few days ago, I posted a video where Courtney Barnes was seen enjoying newfound internet fame, as a witness to a car crash. Barnes went in to the police the next day to pay parking ticket fines, but was detained after officers noticed ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous” to Appear on So You Think You Can Dance Tomorrow

RuPaul So You Think You Can Dance

Tune in to So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night at 8PM to see the dancers dance to RuPaul's "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous!"  ... See the Rest

Watch Mike Dameski Slay the Competition on Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Mike Dameski Slay the Competition on Australia's So You Think You Can Dance - World of Wonder

Forty-six seconds of jaw-dropping acrobatics from the boy the Aussies have dubbed "The Macedonian Lion." Wait for it. Wait for it. That final death-drop is a thing of beauty. ... See the Rest

South African So You Think You Can Dance Winner, Sibahle Tshibika, Fears for Her Life After Kidnapping Threats

Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Adorable wowlebrity Sibahle Tshibika, who was featured in award-winning Ghetto Ballet and recently won the South African edition of So You Think You Can Dance, has gone into hiding after kidnappers targeted the young Khayelitsha dancer and she would be held for ransom for her ... See the Rest

ConDRAGulations! Sibahle Is in the Top 8 of South Africa’s So You Think You Can Dance!


OMG! So fabulous! Wowlebrity Sibahle (star of Jeremy Simmon's Ghetto Ballet) is now in the top 8 of South Africa's So You Think You Can Dance! Condragulations Sibahle! (photos via SYTYCD South Africa Facebook) ... See the Rest

Nigel Lythgoe: The Sit-Down Jitterbug


Nigel Lythgoe, creator, executive producer, and one of the judges of So You Think You Can Dance, often gets overheated watching the female contestants do the splits. ... See the Rest

Tour Dates for Shaping Sound

All The Right Moves

The boys of Shaping Sound from All the Right Moves have just announced their North American tour dates for 2013 and if they are in your city, you shouldn't miss it! Click over to their website Shaping Sound to see the dates. ... See the Rest

Wall-to-Wall Travis Wall

All The Right Moves

Two hot performances from Travis Wall! First is a sneak peek of Travis's solo dance from All the Right Moves, followed by Travis's standout choreography on last night's So You Think You Can Dance?. Be sure to tune in to the series premiere of All the Right Moveson Tuesday July ... See the Rest