TBT – Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls

TBT - Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls. I wonder how many gay men ground up on girls or bedroom furniture to this. Not that it has been 10 years or anything... ... See the Rest

#RIP: Blues Legend, B.B. King

B.B. King, the legendary "king of the blues" passed away last night in Las Vegas, according to his lawyer, Brent Bryson who says that ... See the Rest

The OTHER Nasty Jokes from the Justin Bieber Roast

It was a bloodbath, for sure – and Justin wasn't the only one on the receiving end of the nasty jokes. Guest skewered guests in a series of unrelenting takedowns. Here's ... See the Rest

#BeiberRoast: The 10 Meanest Justin Jokes

Kevin Hart was the MC for the Roast of Justin Beiber and didn't waste any time delivering the first blow: 10. "Tonight we are gonna do what parents ... See the Rest

InstaSlam: Snoop Dogg Makes A REALLY Homophobic Comment – Then Deletes It

After (allegedly) posting an incredibly offensive anti-gay rant on Instagram, the iconic rapper quickly ... See the Rest

Psy’s Latest: “Hangover” Featuring Snoop Dogg

On YouTube less than two days, this new Psy single "Hangover" is blowing up, to coin a phrase. It features, really shares the song and screen with Snoop Dogg (I thought he wanted to be called Snoop Lion?) and it's racked up 27 MILLION views already... and counting. It's mandatory ... See the Rest

Must-See Video OTD: Pole-Dancing Clarinet Player Performs “Wiggle”

He's in his underwear, did I mention that part? Paul Groslouis spins around on the stripper pole in his living room while playing "Wiggle" on his clarinet... and it's probably the most joyous, uplifting thing you will see all week. ... Watch Now

Out and About in Hollywood

Paris Hilton shared a set with DJ Politik at Create nightclub in Hollywood last night to promote her new album. Check out some behind the scenes photos and guess who we spotted in the crowd? Too $hort, Snoop Lion, and Bobby Trendy! Did I mention her headphones were studded with ... See the Rest