Victoria Beckham Guffawing


Posh's hubby David Beckham Facebooked a laughing photo of his wife in full, wide-mouthed mode with the caption, "See, I told you see smiled!" and I love it! It is lovely to see her smile in such an authentic way. ... See the Rest



... See the Rest

McKayla’s Finally Impressed


Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney finally looked somewhat impressed and, quite frankly, totally adorable on the set of How I Met Your Mother yesterday. She posed with her medals (because everyone has medals at their instant disposal) and Alyson Hannigan and everyone seemed jolly. ... See the Rest

She Smiles?


I was talking about the dolphin. Posh tweeted an intimate photo of herself, exposing an extremely vulnerable side of the former Spice Girl. No one would have believed that they would ever live to see the day that a) Victoria had the nerve to not wear heels (I would have ... See the Rest