Awkward Translations

Above is a recent ad from a Swedish costume store, apparently labeling several of it's models "sluts." Of course, in Swedish "slut" means "end" or ... See the Rest


High School Musical Sluts

The stars of one of my very fave musicals, High School Musical, have tweeted out a naughty pic of themselves for Christmas. I am seriously coveting ... See the Rest


Get Off

(via chadleymacguff) ... See the Rest


Girlie Ghost

How to slut up your ghost costume. (via TheDailyWh.at) ... See the Rest


PSA of the Day: Know the Men You Associate With

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Nah, You’ll Never Regret It of the Day

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Video thumbnail for youtube video So What Was The Number One Answer? - World of Wonder

So What Was The Number One Answer?

I love Family Feud, but when did Steve Harvey replace John O'Hurley? AND when did John O'Hurley replace Richard Karns? It's all happening so fast! ... See the Rest

She’s mad because she just bought a new bag of food, guys

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