Lightning Striking in Slow Motion

Lightning physicist Vladislav Mazur and meteorologist Tom Warner watch an incredible video of a lightning strike that has been slowed down so 1 second of footage is played back as 3 minutes of footage. ... See the Rest

Today’s Very Slo-Mo Short Film

Here's a cool, extremely slow-motion short film created by filmmaker Luke Neumann and his Neumann Films crew, showing what they did in only four days with a rented Sony FS700 camera. More ... See the Rest

Blood in the water

Gorgeous and soothing. Like billowing fabric. I could stare at this all day. ... See the Rest

Doggie Tongue Action

If, like us, you've ever got down on your hands and knees at the dog bowl when you weren't wasted, just to watch your dog lap up water, you know what a strange and marvelous thing it is to witness. It's not as simple as you thought it would be. Your pup cups the water by curling ... See the Rest

Silly-Walking in Japan in Slo-Mo to Hip-Hop

Cute little kid at 3:07. (via Videogum)  ... See the Rest