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Must Watch Comedy Bit: Louis CK’s “Of Course, but Maybe”

How's this for contrarian clickbait: Concert footage of Louis CK defending slavery and killing kids with peanut allergies. ... Watch Now

The producers of the Quentin Tarantino's new film "Django Unchained" have been slammed for a line of action figures from the slave-themed film

Hey Kids: Get Your Very Own Slave Dolls!

The producers of Django Unchained are coming under fire for a line of action figures from the slavery-themed movie. The action figures, manufactured ... See the Rest


Adidas’ Shackle Sneaker is NOT Meant to Conjure Up Images of Slavery, Says Adidas

Legions of Facebook users, however, disagree. One commenter wrote, "Please tell me this is FAKE. I am not wearing these Adidas Amistad ... See the Rest