Clammy Skin Is All the Rage


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Handheld: Creepy Doll Furniture by Jessica Harrison

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"Handheld" is a series of creepy, Buffalo Bill-themed miniature couches and chairs made to look like human skin by British artist Jessica Harrison. What little girl wouldn't LOVE to have some of these pieces in her dollhouse? (via Teacups & Couture) ... See the Rest

More Bobbi Ink


We are seeing more of Bobbi Kristina than her mama would've wanted these days, I'm sure. Bobbi and her brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon went on an ink tweeting frenzy yesterday giving us all an exhibition. (via twitter) ... See the Rest

Worse Tattoo Ever?


Yes, worse tattoo ever. (via Filthy Phil) ... See the Rest

Skin job

The glorious Skin (who now goes by the name Deborah Anne Dyer) of the recently reformed '90s band Skunk Anansie, plays a gig at the Hurricane Festival in Scheessel, Northern Germany, over the weekend. Shave your head, shove a couple quarters in your ears, drape yourself in metallic door mats and YOU TOO can kickstart your career in the Age of Gaga, ... See the Rest