Stupid, mildly addictive. Click here and keep clicking. ... See the Rest

Pop Luck Gallery

It's art. And is only one image in a seemingly ENDLESS ARCHIVE of thumbnails on the website Scodoz. No, seriously, they just keep coming and coming, forever. (t/y Ed) ... See the Rest

Just for Fun

A time-wasting activity (the best kind) in which you use your cursor to move the ball around and get the strange little three-footed blob to chase it. Click here to play. ... See the Rest

Private Parts

Something's definitely up at this military base. Don't ask. (via Awkward Boners) ... See the Rest

Of Interest Meets One-Cent Post

Nic Cage as Pamela Anderson looks kind of like Alexis Arquette, which is kind of disturbing because Nic was married to Alexis' sister Patricia. (Nic Cage as Everyone) ... See the Rest

10 Minutes of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back

Video thumbnail for youtube video 10 Minutes of Your Life You'll Never Get Back - World of Wonder

...But you probably won't want to. It's a weird and amazing mixtape from the CDT Crew called "Amazing Video Weirdness" – accurate labeling. It's our kind of video, the sort of thing we search for all the time so were thrilled to find it today via Nerdcore. You'll want to set some snacks out next to the computer, because 10 minutes is an eternity on ... See the Rest

This Ain’t Nick

Actually, it is. We just wanted to make a holiday-sounding headline. So yes, this is in fact the Jonas brother Nick as he showed up – purity ring in gleaming view – on the NSFW balls-ass-naked gay site, Guys with iPhones, where guys take full-frontal mirror shots of themselves. But it had only a brief stay before it was gone, vanished in a poof, if ... See the Rest

Enter The Dragon Roll

Excited about discovery of two blogs – Angry Asian Man and Fast Food Critic. Both featured this Bruce Lee fast food chain (there are 106 outlets so far). Just one more way How Bruce Lee Changed the World, and one more thing made in China. ... See the Rest