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The Takeaway from Episode 1 of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce

This sign. What does it mean? So enigmatic. It's just a casual screen shot, not a plot point in the episode, but I've thought about it every day since ... See the Rest


The Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce GIF Shop

Tonight, of course, is the premiere of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, on FUSE at 11 Eastern (10 Central). I've seen it and, trust me, IT'S BANANAS. I ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Tune for Today: Gay Rapper Nicky Da B's "Go Loko" - World of Wonder

Gay Rapper Nicky Da B’s New Video for “Go Loko”

Says director Clayton Cubitt of this NSFW and possibly seizure-inducing video: "Prepare yourself for machine-gun New Orleans Bounce, twerking ... See the Rest


Booty Poppin’ on American Dad

... See the Rest


The “Peanut Butter” Gif Shop

... See the Rest


A Review of Up-and-Coming Wowlebrity Big Freedia’s Cleveland Show

From Cleveland's Scene Magazine: "The Queen Diva of the Sissy Bounce movement herself strolled onstage, dropped off her purse next to the DJ's rig and ... See the Rest