The Takeaway from Episode 1 of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce

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This sign. What does it mean? So enigmatic. It's just a casual screen shot, not a plot point in the episode, but I've thought about it every day since it aired. No cats selling the facts. Is that a drug reference? Does it mean "no proselytizing on the street corner"? Does it literally mean "no cats?" Do you know? Have you ever seen one of these ... See the Rest

The Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce GIF Shop


Tonight, of course, is the premiere of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, on FUSE at 11 Eastern (10 Central). I've seen it and, trust me, IT'S BANANAS. I know that Miley's (Bowel) Movement is on MTV at the same time, but I seriously suggest you DVR that and watch this live. Freedia is IT. She is LIFE. She is ALL THAT IS GORGEOUS IN THIS WORLD. So many ... See the Rest

Gay Rapper Nicky Da B’s New Video for “Go Loko”

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Tune for Today: Gay Rapper Nicky Da B's "Go Loko" - World of Wonder

Says director Clayton Cubitt of this NSFW and possibly seizure-inducing video: "Prepare yourself for machine-gun New Orleans Bounce, twerking latex-clad bunnies, intergalactic booty constellations that would make Carl Sagan cry tears of joy, an asstronaut, a possibly demonic hairless cat, and perhaps my greatest invention yet: The Asscam™." (via ... See the Rest

Booty Poppin’ on American Dad


... See the Rest

The “Peanut Butter” Gif Shop


... See the Rest

A Review of Up-and-Coming Wowlebrity Big Freedia’s Cleveland Show


From Cleveland's Scene Magazine: "The Queen Diva of the Sissy Bounce movement herself strolled onstage, dropped off her purse next to the DJ's rig and lit right into one of the hottest shows in the country. And that's really not an overstatement. "It was LOUD – Freedia was often calling for more volume, More Volume, MORE VOLUME! - and it was ... See the Rest