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RIP Silent Move Star Carla Laemmle

Dancer and silent movie star Carla Laemmle (whose uncle founded Universal Studios) died last night, leaving just Mexican silent movie star Lupita ... See the Rest


Flashback 1928: Buster Keaton Writes His New Year’s Resolutions

Umph. the things I would do to Buster Keaton. ... See the Rest


Corinne Griffith Appreciation Post

First of all: Stunning headpiece. Dutch Deco. You don't see THAT very often. That's silent film star Corinne Griffith wearing it in 1926's ... See the Rest

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Swanson on Swanson

From a 1980 interview, the legendary Gloria Swanson discusses the lion scene in Cecil B DeMille's Male and Female (1919). "When he roared," she says, ... See the Rest


Retro Glam

Now THAT'S how you do a smoky eye! Is this Theda? Or Clara? Or some other hoochie vamp like Nita Naldi, Louise Glaum, or Valeska Suratt? I'm pretty ... See the Rest

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Ramon Novarro Appreciation Post

It's his birthday today, you know. The gorgeous silent film star was born in 1899 and died in 1968. It's his death, of course, that most of us still ... See the Rest

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Pictures of Louise Brooks Without her Iconic ‘Do

Still beautiful, still eminently photographable, but without the pageboy does she still have that OOMPH that made her such an icon for the ages? (via ... See the Rest


Hot Look of the Day

Silent Italian movie star Italia Almirante as Violante in L'Arzigogolo (1924). (via Sissydude) ... See the Rest