“Quote” “Unquote”: “Trust Me”, These Are “Unintentionally” “Funny”


The use of quotations, it seems, has elluded these sign makers. They seem to have confused sincerity with sarcasm. "Stairs", "Women" and "Beer" in quotes does not inspire confidence. But I'm not "sure"... this could be exactly "what they mean"? See what you "think". "Seriously" – I "care" what you ... See the Rest

It’s Sunday…


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5 Best Signs From Sunday’s New York City Marathon


(Photos: Reddit & Instagram, via Buzzfeed) ... See the Rest

“Excuse Meme…”


The signage in New Orleans furniture store, Nadeau, uses a funny threat to alert their customers. ... See the Rest

Sign of the Times


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Me Too, Sweetie


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Sign of the Times: Elevator Rides $35


Somewhere in Denver. I think, the hashtag #gofuckyourself might be warranted here. (via imgur) UPDATE: This was apparently a prank by a tenant in the building. A property manager, had this to say: "Not sure where you are located, but most states/provinces have regulations regarding a Landlord's ability to withdraw services that were previously ... See the Rest

New Zealand Passes Marriage Equality

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The New Zealand Parliament has voted in favor of marriage equality making it the 13th country in the world to legalize gay marriage. After the announcement was made, the entire chamber broke out into cheers that soon turned into singing of the Pacific Island nation's national anthem. ... See the Rest