Bacon Face!


It's a miracle! The face of the Virgin Mary appears in a pan of sizzling bacon. Mysterious ways? Delicious ways is more like it. And, yes, we would like more like it, please. (via formermalestripper) ... See the Rest

Angelyne in My Hood

**EXCLUSIVE** Angelyne out and about in Calabasas

I could've taken this photo myself! I live out in the sticks and I love nothing more than coming out of my local Planet Beauty and seeing this beauty in the parking lot. I know she's Thairin's bestie and stuff, but for me? Nothing brings me more joy than an African Sunrise tea, a pink corvette, and this vision. I love my life and I love LA. ... See the Rest

Marmont Moments


Studly British actor Alex Pettyfer arriving at and Donnie Darko actress Jenna Malone leaving West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont last night. Both were there for dinner. Note: Not a new couple alert. ... See the Rest

Optical Delusion

Two images from Accidental Dong, a marvelous site for people who've never met an image that wasn't hiding a penis.  ... See the Rest