I’m The “Male Companion” Kanye West Was Shopping With In NYC!!!

As reported today on Media TakeOut (and EVERYWHERE else), Kanye West was out shopping in NYC yesterday...with MOI! Although the MTO kiddies love a ... See the Rest

Naya Rivera seen leaving Barneys New York in Los Angeles

Naya Rivera Shops Diva Style

Only a diva looks this hot when she goes shopping. That diva is Glee's Naya Rivera, who is newly engaged to Big Sean btw, and she went shopping at ... See the Rest

Gwen Stefani has her hands full with her company L.A.M.B's bags as she sets out in Los Angeles

Gwen Stefani Knows Her Boys

Gwen Stefani is doing some shopping for those sweet boys of hers. By the looks of it, they are gonna be pretty excited on Christmas morning. P.S. Gwen ... See the Rest


Hello, Good Buy!

Norma Ifill paid $15 for this striking necklace at a flea market. "This guy had it in a box on the ground. I thought it looked so tribal. I wore it ... See the Rest


PSA: This “Elegant Moment” Brought to You by Sears

I really don't know what else to say but I wanted you to know the outfit shown here is available at Sears.com. "ELEGANT MOMENTS ELEGANT MOMENT L9663 ... See the Rest


It’s Shark Week Again, Already?

I know. It sneaks up on you like, well, like a shark, I guess. Are you stumped as to what to get your honey this year? Well, here are a few great ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video LOVE This Kmart Commercial - World of Wonder

The Kmart Commercial: Playground Putdown Turnaround

LOVE this spot. But we're still not shopping at Kmart. ... See the Rest


Breaking News: Miley Shops At Chanel

This picture looks very familiar to me. It's how I usually look after a day of shopping, though my bags are yellow with XXI on them and John 3:16 ... See the Rest