Gasp! Barbie Is Wearing FLATS Now?

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The times they are a-changing! After 50+ years of wearing sky-high stilettos (and having a permanently angled foot), Mattel is introducing a "Fashionista" line for Barbie, which includes both high heeled shoes and flat-soled footwear. More importantly, the new doll will have ... See the Rest

First Look: Iggy Azalea for Steve Madden

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If Iggy Azalea's popularity will translate into shoes sales is yet to be seen, but she gave everyone who follows her Instagram a sneak peek of her shoe line for Steve Madden. Not for me, but I am willing to bet we will see a lot of these bad boys stomping around a local mall food ... See the Rest

Crowd Fund These Shit-Kickers!


Help make these Betabrand sneakers with poo emojis a reality! Made from TYVEK®, a revolutionary new flash-spun synthetic, these poo shoes look and feel like paper, but are insanely strong, super lightweight, water resistant, and not to mention breathable. The coolest part ... See the Rest

Iggy Azalea Is a Steve Madden Girl

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Australia's Iggy Azalea has teamed up with shoe giant Steve Madden to do an Iggy line. I don't know about y'all, but I never look at her feet.....but good for her. The exclusive collection is to be unveiled in February. ... See the Rest

Kid Cudi’s Kooky New Sneaker Collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti


Totally digging these superfab sneakers from Kid Cudi's collaboration with Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. It's like each shoe is wrapped in cartoon cow tongues!   Constructed from premium red Nappa leather with a white contrasting midsole, the result is a futuristic ... See the Rest

Still Searching for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Me? Try Nixxi Rose’s Necro-Zombie Flesh Shoes!


Available on etsy. Says Nixxi Rose: "These shoes were crudely stitched together from the bloody remains of a newly deceased zombie victim. The skin was removed from the body as quickly as possible to stop the newly undead waking and beginning his insatiable hunger for brains! Now ... See the Rest

The Self-Repairing 3D Running Shoe of the Future


So fascinating, and so beautiful in it's completely-unlike-anything-I've-ever-seen-before way. From WeTheUrban: "At the Wearable Futures conference, London designer and researcher Shamees Aden debuted a running shoe concept that will put your worn out kicks to shame. The ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Donates Mt. Shoes for Charity

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Look at this cascading mountain of shoe heaven that Victoria Beckham is donating to a local thrift shop to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We of course are talking the highest end of shoes, so they should earn some big bucks. Well done, Posh. ... See the Rest