British Diver Chris Mears (and a Bevy of Shirtless Supermodels) Cover the New Issue of Coitus Magazine


Have I really been so blinded by my love for Olympic diver Tom Daley that I never noticed the boyish perfection that is his teammate, Chris Mears? Well, NEVER MORE! Chris get's ALL THE LOVE from here on out! Here, he joins supermodels Diego Barrueco, Breezy Ashell, Jon Hermann, and Serigio Carvajal on the cover of the latest issue of the always ... See the Rest

John Mangum Appreciation Post

Yesterday, we posted his glorious locker room twerk-out. Now, thanks to BuzzFeed's Matt Stopera, we know this instant internet icon has a name: It's John Mangum. He's a sophomore at NC State, where he plays baseball, and omg he's just INCREDIBLY HOT. Yesterday we saw his backside. Today we get a view of the front, as he showcases his adorable ... See the Rest

First Look: Hercules Starring Kellan Lutz

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

The trailer's gorgeous enough, I suppose, all rolling CGI clouds and mist-filled CGI mountains and millions of hunky CGI soldiers walking in lock-step – very 300 meets Immortals. Kellan's in a loincloth looking scrumptious and at one point an old man screams "I paid good money for you, I expect a return!" – been THERE, done THAT. But as exciting as ... See the Rest

If Real Men Modeled Designer Underwear


You like? For side-by-side comparisons of John Does vs David Beckham, David Gandy, Freddie Ljungbergand, and Cristiano Ronaldo striking the same poses, check out Queerty. ... See the Rest

Morning Male Call: UK OK

UK's Sheffield Hallam University jocks via Queerty

Say hello to the UK's Sheffield Hallam University rugby jocks. (via queerty) ... See the Rest

Afternoon Male Call


(via vintagemaleerotica) ... See the Rest

Morning Male Call: Marc Fitt Is Very Fit


The 22-year-old model and fitness trainer is someone we'd like to see more of. (via poisonparadise) ... See the Rest

Morning Male Call

Video thumbnail for youtube video Morning Male Call - World of Wonder

Gym dandy. ... See the Rest