See Or Skip?: 39 Fall Movies (That Sound Good, Anyway)


SO many movies get released in the fall... this is by no means all of them, just the ones I was most interested in. Most will not live up to their promise and some will disappear right away, some will go on to be nominated and a few might even be considered classics one day. Anyone who says they can predict which ones fall into which category is an ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup: All The Most Important Paparazzi Pics of the Day!

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In today's celebrity roundup: Conchita Wurst! Shia Labeouf! Zac Efron and his new celebrity BFF! And, omg, Chris Colfer FIRED from Glee? Nutty happenings in Hollywood today... You HAVE to check it all out after the jump! ... See the Rest

Shia LaBeouf In Treatment For Alcohol Addiction


Shia LaBeouf is now receiving voluntary treatment for alcohol addiction, said his representative Melissa Kates. In a statement that contradicts earlier reports, the actor has not entered rehab: "Contrary to previous erroneous reports, Shia LaBeouf has not checked into a rehabilitation facility but he is voluntarily receiving treatment for ... See the Rest

Alan Cumming & Amanda Lepore Post Shia LaBeouf Arrest at Cabaret

alan amanda

Soooo, last night was HUGE in NYC! Apparently, drunken actor Shia LaBeouf is back at it again. Last night he was arrested at the Broadway show Cabaret, after hitting people on their butts, slapping them in the back of their heads, and calling an officer a 'fag'...all of this during the first act! Come intermission, he was handcuffed and arrested. ... See the Rest

First Look: The Featurette for Fury

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look: The Fury Trailer - World of Wonder

It's a World War II epic, which usually isn't my bag, but the casting of this movie made me sit up and take notice. Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and DILF (douchebag I'd like to f*ck) Scott Eastwood star as a weary group of soldiers struggling  to survive on a mission behind enemy lines. Now, you know that Brad doesn't make ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup!

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All the most important stars in the world, pap'd for your viewing pleasure in today's CELEBRITY ROUNDUP! Conchita Wurst! Rob Ford! John Travolta's new chin merkin! AND MORE! Conchita Wurst? More like Conchita BEST! (Am I the first person to do that? I think I am). The Eurovision starlet arrives at the BBC studios looking like AN ABSOLUTE ... See the Rest


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A makeup-free Heather Locklear does some shopping at XIV Karats in Beverly Hills, and a hygiene-free Shia LaBeouf visits the Cohen gallery in Los Angeles. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Celebrity Tweet of the Day: Shia Pulls a Bieber

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After weeks of weird behavior – the plagiarism scandal, the copied apologies, the bizarre skywritten "sorry," the twitter war with Lena Dunham and Patton Oswalt (not to mention his celebrity feud with the equally volatile Alec Baldwin earlier this year) – Shia LaBeouf has announced that he's DONE WITH BEING FAMOUS. That's it! He's retiring from ... See the Rest