Hey, Cumberbitches – This Chocolate Benny Is Your Dream Come True!

Sherlock Holmes's and fans of BC in general call themselves Cumberbitches, you know. They've wanted to eat Benedict Cumberbatch for years... Now this life-size ... See the Rest

#SNL: Martin Freeman Combines Roles In “The Office: Middle Earth”

Martin Freeman hosting Saturday Night Live, combined two of his better known roles — Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit” trilogy and Tim Canterbury from BBC’s “The Office.” "Umm, what have I been up to? I went on a quest and saved Middle-earth. I became a bit of a hero. Did the ... See the Rest

New Sherlock, Season 4!?: …And Binge-Watching Seasons 1-3

Sometimes, I'll admit I'm late to the TV party. I had a terrible toothache two weeks ago and, as a shut-in, discovered the BBC's Sherlock. I'd always intended to watch, but just never ... See the Rest


... See the Rest

Complimentary, My Dear Watson

According to our friend in Brussels, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brilliant, drug-addicted detective Sherlock Holmes seems to have been the fashion inspiration for Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium this ... See the Rest

Can we talk?

Now I'm no Victorian scholar. And my knowledge of 19th century hairdos is limited to old MGM movies of the 1930s. But I'm pretty sure that the men of that period were not rocking Meg Ryan's choppy 'do from 2002. I'm just ... See the Rest