Who Killed Soul Glow? on TMZ!

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Clyde Jones -- The Return of the "Soul Glo" Guy - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe TMZ caught the original Soul Glow man, and personal friend, Clyde R. Jones and chatted with him for a bit about the soul and hair care lifestyle. Also revealed is the movie made last year that Clyde, his brother Joseph, and my boyfriend Billy produced, and ... See the Rest

Our Fearless Pantsless Leaders


This rarely seen photo of World of Wonder honchos Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey caught with their pants down is just one of many surprising images in the giant coffee table book The World According to Wonder, which drops next week, February 5. The book is all about celebrity, pop culture, and the rocky rise of the onetime pop stars who founded ... See the Rest

Flashback: We Were So Honored


We were the spotlight celebrity one night in 1988 at Larry Tee's Celebrity Club in the basement of New York's Tunnel club, receiving a physical shout out from DeAundra Peek, Wanda Peek, LaHoma Van Zandt, Trade, Dick Richards, and Albert Crudo, nightlife stars all. We remember that the club had actually closed for the night by the time everyone got ... See the Rest